Vietnamese Coffee Co. September 2023 Newsletter

Hello friends and welcome to our September 2023 Newsletter. Well, Summer has definitely gone especially with Storm Agnes coming along for a visit so it’s probably worthwhile stocking up on some coffee to get you through the Winter months ahead. If you’re doing so, you owe it to yourself to make the best cup of Joe you possibly can. Read on for more info…


People often ask us how to make the perfect Vietnamese coffee. So often in fact that we have created a handy little “How to…” guide on our website. We appreciate that everyone has their own taste (strong black, with condensed milk etc) but if you follow our guide here, you won’t go far wrong and maybe you might even level up your Vietnamese coffee game!


Another month, another new wholesale partner. We are delighted to announce that you will soon be able to sample our coffee at the newly opened Cabin coffee shop in beautiful Haslemere, just outside the train station. We wish Max and Sarah all the best in their new endeavour. If you’re in the area, or just passing through, why not drop by to sample their hospitality?


To end, we’d just like to ask a little favour. As a small business (of 2 brothers in case you didn’t already know) reviews are hugely important in generating confidence in our products/brand. To that end, we’d really appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to leave us a review on trustpilot (if you haven’t already done so before). Here is the link to our page Thanks for your time.


Peace and love,

Martin & Gary

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