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All our coffee comes from the Central Highlands in Vietnam – the world’s 2nd largest producer of coffee!

Heritage Blends

Vietnam has a long history with coffee – in fact from as far back as the 1850s when it was first introduced by a French priest. They have been continually producing coffee since then and are now the world’s 2nd biggest producer! These blends continue on that tradition and offer a smooth, chocolatey taste that has become synonymous with Vietnamese coffee. Due to the unique roasting process, this coffee has been roasted in Vietnam with a “phin” filter in mind but works perfectly in a French press, V60 or an espresso machine.

Modern Blends

Whilst Vietnam is extremely proud of its rich coffee heritage, it is also a young, modern, forward thinking country. To that end, a new batch of farmers have introduced high quality, small batch, artisanal beans to its offerings. We are delighted to offer these beans that have been roasted in the U.K. to our discerning customers in various grind sizes for today’s modern coffee making devices. Whole Bean, filter grind or espresso grind are made to order.

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