Vietnamese Coffee Co. October 2023 Newsletter

Hello friends and welcome to our October 2023 Newsletter. Well, Halloween is almost upon us and I had thought about using some bad puns in this update. However, last minute I got a bit frightened and decided not to! (I’m allowed one!) So what have we got in store this month? A special offer, news of more V.C.C. wholesale partners plus some other stuff that I haven’t decided as yet but will become apparent by the time this hits your inbox.



Yes indeed, we’ve got a special discount for you this month to help you have a Happy Halloween (should Halloween be “happy”? Who knows??). This offer starts today – or possibly not depending on when you are reading this, but most importantly finishes on 1 November. Just enter Halloween10 at checkout for 10% off your total spend (excluding sale items). There, I managed to do it without any Halloween puns as promised!


This month’s new wholesale partner comes in the shape of another relatively new Vietnamese cafe called G Asian Canteen. The brainchild of Gilles Brem who graduated from the Institute Paul Bocuse, France. G Serves Vietnamese street food and drink inspired by the French period like Pho originally “pot au feu” and the iconic Bahn Mi sandwich originally ” pain de mie” or “saigon” sandwich, Bun Xao Salad box, summer rolls , spring rolls, dessert and homemade drinks and alcohol.

You can check the guys out at 18-20 High Road, London, NW10.


We are continually working on ways to improve the customer experience on our website. Unfortunately, not having a budget of £££s means that we try to make these improvements ourselves. Hopefully you will have noticed some positive changes when you come to checkout on the site. If you notice anything that seems a bit “off” please let us know (kept it sensible though, please)


Peace and love,

Martin & Gary


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