Vietnamese Coffee Co. January 2023 Newsletter.

A bag of Sua blend Vietnamese coffee. Pictured with a jar of caramel and large chunks of milk chocolate.

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year!! Welcome to our January newsletter. We hope you had an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas/Hanukkah. We even managed to have a rare few days off which was very welcome. Alas we are into January and the cold long nights but we hope this update might just cheer some of you up a little bit…



Yes, you read that right – our most popular blend (the Sua) is now back in stock. Since our supplier of the Sua went bust quite some time ago we have been on the lookout for a replacement for a looong time! Many samples of coffee from many producers were tried and tasted and none of them captured that unique flavour of the original. Not to be defeated we worked hard with a new supplier to create a bespoke product just for us and we are absolutely delighted with the result! The strong flavour of chocolate with the vanilla and caramel notes are in full effect here. Anyone looking to capture the flavour of Trung Nguyen will absolutely love this (though in our opinion this is nicer!) This blend has always been super popular and has flown off the shelves since it came back in stock yesterday. So don’t miss out – order here


With the busy festive season being over, the postage challenges are largely over for now. There are no more Royal Mail strikes planned for the near future so that will hopefully have a positive impact on the delivery services for the other couriers (including Yodel) There have been one or two small issues but 99% of our customers who ordered received their packages and in a timely fashion. Apologies to those few who didn’t and we appreciate your patience.


Our delicious, freshly roasted Modern blends are all now back in stock. The roaster delivered them to us on Saturday so they are freeeeesh! As ever these blends are roasted in small batches so they don’t sit around very long to guarantee freshness. You can pick up a bag here

Thanks for your time we hope you all stay warm and cosy.

Peace and love,

Gary and Martin

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