Vietnamese Coffee Co. October 2021 Newsletter.

A bag of Bo blend Vietnamese coffee. Pictured with coffee glass.

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Hello Friends!

Welcome to our October Newsletter. There’s quite a few things to get through this month with offers and in-store exclusives to let you know about. So with no further ado…..


The Northern Ireland Executive have launched a spend local scheme to help regenerate the High St after the negative effects of the Covid pandemic. Those on the electoral register will be eligible for a £100 Spend Local “voucher” (it’s actually a pre-paid debit card, but I digress) with the idea to support small, independent local businesses like ours. The first cards have just dropped through the letterboxes within the last few days with the rest to follow in the coming weeks.



A bag of Bo blend Vietnamese coffee. Pictured with coffee glass.

Oktoberfest has just ended and with it our Bia blend instore offer. However, this month sees another of our new blends available to buy, by the cup in the cafe – the Bo Blend. The Bo blend is truly the authentic taste of Vietnam. The roasting process creates a coffee which is bold but with a smooth buttery finish. What’s more – if you enjoy it (and we are confident you will), we’ll refund the cost of your cup off the price of a bag – win!!

And finally…….
We are currently working on developing an EU specific website. Northern Ireland remains within the EU Customs Union whilst the remainder of the UK has left so it makes sense for our EU customers to have a website tailored to them. Don’t worry, we will still be offering our coffee within the UK on our .com website.

Martin & Gary

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