Vietnamese Coffee Co. July 2021 Newsletter.

Hello Friends!

Welcome to our July Newsletter. We are a bit later with our monthly update this month as our shop has reopened and we have been working extremely hard on other things (which we will detail below).




We are delighted to be able to introduce 3 new blends to our lineup of Vietnamese coffee.For a limited time only each blend is available to our subscribers with 10% off using code LAUNCH 10 For those of you who have visited the site recently, you may have noticed that we have split the coffee into 2 different ranges – “Heritage” range and “Modern” range. There is good reason for this – our Heritage range features coffee that has been roasted in Vietnam whereas our Modern range offers Vietnamese beans that have been locally roasted for a more “specialist” flavour. So with no further ado we’d like to introduce you to each of our new blends….


A bag of Bo blend Vietnamese coffee. Pictured with a dish with knobs of butter and a picture of Ha Long bay.

This is truly the taste of Vietnam. The unique roasting process creates a coffee which is bold, yet has a smooth, buttery finish. This blend has the nuttiness that you only get from Robusta beans giving that extra caffeine kick to fuel your day. Available in beans or ground for filter/drip brew.


A bag of Bia blend Vietnamese coffee. Pictured with a glass of beer and some hops.

Bia is the Vietnamese word for “beer” and that perfectly encapsulates the flavour of this unique blend. Featuring notes of citrus, caramel and hops with a malty finish. Your favourite medium bodied beer taste in a coffee! No wonder this is one of our personal favourites! Available in beans or ground for filter/drip brew.


They say half the enjoyment of coffee is the smell and as soon as you open this bag you’ll see why.. The strong aromas of hazelnut and popcorn evokes the memories of going to the cinema as a kid. The challenge will be to stop sniffing the packet and actually make a delicious cup of coffee!! Available in beans or ground for filter/drip brew

Peace and Love,
Martin & Gary


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